EduBlog Challenge: Current News

April 25 a little girl who was 1 1/2 years old was missing, she was found dead April 27. She was found in someone basement of where a lot of people stayed for a bit but left also known as “squatters.” For me personally i think this crazy, anyone can be in that house and just leave the next day. In the article it said there was 15 people living there when it happen was crazy. This article is one sided there is no saying to what the mother and family thought. The  police took over this article.  Reading story’s and articles like this is scary, i have two baby cousins and one is on the way and i don’t want this to happen to one of them, there just little kids who still don’t know what is going on yet. Kids need to be more protected and watched, kids are getting kidnap more and more over the lack of watching. This article should get eye witness reviews or family comments it would make the whole story better. How would you guys feel if you had a little cousin or sibling get kidnap? did i make a point about the article and what did you feel on it?

edublog challenge 5 my family and culture

From what i know my family was in Italy. My great grandma and great grandpa lived in Italy had there kids there and ended up moving to Chicago. I never knew why they came here but it probably was the best for them sadly My grandma sister ended up dying when she was 12 since there was no medicine back then. this is all my moms side im not really sure what happen with my dad side his grandparents died when he was young. Couple years past by and most my grandma kids are married with kids. my dad has a sister who not married but has kids. I’m Italian, German and polish.

Black History Month- Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was the person who helped millions of slaves on the underground railroad. She is a inspired person because she could of been killed or something worse but she kept bringing herself and kept going. She was the leader of the underground railroad who help lead them to safe houses. She was born into slavery as well as nine other kids. Harriet was a wanted women for escaping but she still planned on helping. Everything changed when there was a new law put down saying that you can return slaves that escaped. Harriet almost got caught and decided to lead them a different way but make sure there still safe. She was the first women to lead an armed expedition in the war and had helped from john brown who had other ways to help free the slaves. In 2016 people wanted to change the 20 dollar bill to Harriet but it might not happen for couple of years. She still inspires everyone today, she was a great leader who deserved more fame today since she went through so much and still decide to help out. “When I found I had crossed that line, I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person. There was such a glory over everything; the sun came like gold through the trees, and over the fields, and I felt like I was in Heaven.” (Harriet Tubman). All my info was found here.

My top 3 funny Superbowl Commercials 2017

The Superbowl is the biggest football game to be played every year, and every year they have different kind of commercials. The top three funnest Superbowl was the skittles, Hero’s Journey, and the T-Mobile. The purpose of all these commercials is to get who ever is watching it to buy there product. These three videos where made to try to get you to funny that it will stand out of all the commercials that play. The Hero’s Journey is a great commercial is mostly for adults or anyone who can drive. The commercial message was that it is great with gas and on any kind of ground. This was the funniest one I’ve seen, even though i cant get a car yet its good to see what they want to use to promote there cars. The skittle commercial can be meant for anyone, skittles is candy that anyone can eat but this was about romance. This commercial was mostly towards couples so there boyfriend or girlfriend could buy it over something else.  The message was that skittles is a romantic candy and everyone enjoys it.This another funny one because i thought it was going to go on forever with random people. T-mobile was trying to convince you to join there network but trying to be be funny at the same time. Its towards adults or anyone that has a cell phone plan.  The message of this video was that you there is no limit on data anymore and it’s like dancing with no limits. Lastly this was a funny one because it was really weird when i first saw it i couldn’t skip it because how funny it was.

Mrs. Blake’s Speech Reflection

when Hope spoke from the perspective of a mother grieving the loss of her son Jesse who died in the Sandy Hook tragedy, it were is sounded like it actually happen to her. She used loud voice and used a lot of expression and She did good remembering about all of it. Her facial expression stayed the same most of the time,  sometimes she would express something and it would go really well with the reading. In my option it was interesting you never know whats going on in the parents mind during a school shooting and it help think what there thinking. Everything was good just  little more face expressions., When Tony and Casey did “Mutually Assured Destruction”  they really got into the character and had loud voices, it actually seemed like they were fighting like siblings and there movements just help the story grow and be more believable. There voices changed from loud to calm, you could tell there actually mad at each other and there voices made it sound believable. There speech was really  engaging, it was like watching siblings fight with each other. The movements helped a lot, it was like they were proving a point and help build charterer. There speech help deliver the message, that you two people destroy each other but its equally bad it cancels out and doesn’t matter in the end that much. It was a good scene i don’t really have anything criticism but overall all the speeches that where read was really good.

Play-Doh Creations- Pizza

I was giving a 5oz of play- doh and was told to make something that represents me. I deiced to make a pizza because I think it represent me the most because I am Italian and I love pizza. I think the pizza I Made looks good for me not being able to do much. I love pizza so much that about every week we have it  at least once, doesn’t matter if its take out, home made, or frozen. I’ll eat any kind of pizza because all the that matters is the taste in my option, i can be picky with my pizza it has to have the right amount of everything and  can’t be to greasy or to doughy. Pizza also repents my family anytime I have pizza i just think of my family because we would have those days where we would hang out and eat pizza and laugh. Pizza also reminds me of my grandpa who sadly past away couple years ago, he would always order pizza even though  that side was in Italian but it was very awesome that he thought of the part of my life. Pizza actually represents my life it been part of me ever since i was little and i’m pretty sure i’ll still be eating pizza when i’m older and it will mean more.  Jonni made a the snapchat logo which makes sense because he is really good at taking photos. He is like the king of snapchat with all the streaks he has because he has so many friends.


my social issue topic

In recent discussions of should transgender gets more law a controversial issue has been whether transgender gets more law or should there be not other laws for transgenders. On the one hand, some argue that transgenders should not be special for bathrooms or aloud in the army .  From this perspective, Women can feel safe in the bathrooms and we could win the war. On the other hand, however, others argue that transgenders should be able to use the the bathrooms they want not what’s on there birth papers and they should be able in the army because they would want to fight a purpose.  In the words of one of this views main supporters, “ the U.S. Education Department’s position that transgender students should have access to the bathrooms that match their gender identities rather than being forced to use bathrooms that match their biological sex.” (Balingit 1).According to this view, Balingit was trying to prove that the person could use the bathrooms that match their gender identities..  In sum, then, the issue is whether transgender should not get more laws  or transgender should get more laws .My own view is that transgender should be able to use whatever bathroom they want and join the army.  Though I concede that they letting use that bathroom no one would feel safe and someone might take advantage of this law, I still maintain that transgender should get more laws For example, use the bathrooms they want to and be able to join the army .Although some might object that they should use what’s on there birth papers and are too weak for the army , I reply that if there given these laws then it would make them feel like more equal.The issue is important because most transgenders feel unequal, they are getting shamed on, and because it proves a point everyone is equal.

what is your option on this topic?

Is there a way i could improve my argument?

Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage?

most american voters vote that same sex marriage should be able to happen (67% yes 33% no).  Here in Illinois its 72% yes and 28% no, I think that is really great and in my option i’m really happy because i have a lot of friends who want to be able to marry any person they want to. In Chicago its 78% yes and 22% no and I think that people sometimes just don’t care and can just say “you do you and i’ll do the same” .  The income doesn’t matter there all around the same numbers more yes’s then no’s.  People who are democrats say yes more then no (94% yes to 6% no). republicans are the opposite of that they mostly say no (34% yes to 66% no). The other party’s all have a big range of yes beside the Constitution Party but there numbers are not that big as everyone else there kinda close. The race doesn’t matter all the numbers so its mostly yes then no. It doesn’t matter what education you have there mostly yes to no. doesn’t matter what website or what household there all yes’s. For Ideology all of them are mostly yes but the right side there mostly no.  In my option I think it should happen no anywhere no matter what there people just like us.

word cloud

I picked a pumpkin because Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love blasting Halloween music every where i go, my favorite part is when people come over and we have a little party, its always lit. I also love scary movies, i love being scared, the pumpkin means a lot to me because as a family we would go get pumpkins every year but that stopped last year